We don’t share LaborLess product updates often, but today we're excited to share two new features we’re really proud of! (1) “Group” LCA posting capabilities for companies with multiple legal entities and (2) a historic PAF import feature!

If you’re an employer that hires H-1B workers, or if you’re an immigration law firm that supports clients with their H-1B applications, this update is for you.

The Group LCA posting feature is ideal for companies that have multiple subsidiaries or legal entities and thus file H-1B petitions (and post LCA notice) for them as separate legal entities.

Prior to this release, all H-1B petitioners within LaborLess had their own LCA posting bulletin URLs. This was OK for a while as we were mostly supporting employers that were a bit smaller and had no subsidiaries or multiple legal entities.

But as we’ve grown and have started to support bigger and bigger companies, including large multinationals, more of these companies have multiple legal entities that file LCAs separately but have a central immigration process and, to their employees, are seen as ONE company.

So with this new feature, petitioners can now have one unified LCA bulletin URL while remaining discrete legal entities within the LaborLess system, and thus have just one LCA posting link to share with their affected workers!

📂 Public Access File import capabilities for existing PAFs

PAF maintenance and management is one of the biggest benefits of using LaborLess. As soon as you post an LCA notice, LaborLess automatically creates a corresponding PAF (which helps comply with DOL’s regs that require PAFs to be created within one working day of filing an LCA notice).

Prior to this release, however, while LaborLess users were able to take advantage of this process for new PAFs, their existing PAFs were stored elsewhere electronically or worse, in a physical filing cabinet.

So, we built a feature to enable users to easily upload existing PAFs into LaborLess thus centralizing all their existing PAFs in one place!

LaborLess automates the LCA posting and PAF management process

Yes, LCA compliance automation is just one “part” of the H-1B (and E-3) process, but when you really dig into it, you realize just how nuanced and varied the process can be.

That’s why I continue to be so proud of LaborLess - we work with clients to understand their specific wants and needs, and continue to expand our product to make the LCA compliance process easier.

So, if you’re an in-house immigration or global mobility team that deals with H-1B visas for your employees, or if you’re an immigration law firm that supports companies with their H-1B visas, check out LaborLess! We can help you automate and streamline the LCA compliance process, and we’re always working hard to make LaborLess better and better.

Check us out at http://www.laborless.io and reach out if you’d like to learn more!