About two years ago, a large immigration law firm who'd gone silent after some prior discussions emailed us back saying that, all of a sudden, they had to get onboard with LaborLess immediately because of a big RFP they were working on. I'd previously spoken to this immigration law firm about LaborLess at length. They saw the value the platform would bring their firm and their firm's clients, and understood how it could help them automate and streamline LCA compliance, but they were a bit old-school and thus not the type to jump onto new tech right away.

I'm not pushy either, so I just told them I'd reach back out in 6 months to check in. Well, about 4 months later, I got the frantic email I mentioned above telling me they had to have an electronic LCA posting process to show a large prospective  client who had put out an RFP for a new immigration law firm.

Of course we had them covered - we onboarded them right away and trained their staff to be able to not only show the prospective client that they had an electronic LCA compliance solution but also explain to them how it would work.

Electronic LCA compliance requirement appearing more and more on corporate immigration RFPs

This was the first time I had heard outright that H-1B employers were demanding electronic LCA compliance support from new immigration law vendors. It was eye-opening for me. And it's happened a number of times since then.

On the one hand, we're so grateful that we have the ability to get immigration law firms onboard quickly and be a lifeline to them during big RFPs, especially at the last minute.

On the other hand, we hate to see law firms scramble and stress out over an RFP, especially from a technology standpoint, when they have the option to be proactive and actually have the tools and processes they need from the start! In other words, be proactive with trying out new tech, and thus be ready for major RFPs which, if won, make any tech experimentation and investment well worth it.

LaborLess can help your immigration law firm get started with LCA compliance automation

If you're an immigration law firm, especially if you support larger corporate clients and thus engage in RFPs, you're probably going to come across a requirement to have electronic LCA support services. Reach out to us proactively and get your law firm on board with LaborLess!

Your current clients will benefit immensely, and you'll set yourself up for success for big RFPs too!