We've onboarded a handful of solo immigration attorneys onto LaborLess recently, so I wanted to share some thoughts about why solo immigration attorneys are signing up for a platform that many think is just for big firms with high H-1B volumes.

Solo immigration attorneys have smaller clients who need more hands-on support

Employers who only hire a few H-1Bs each year don't usually have a dedicated in-house immigration staff member or much immigration knowledge overall. In that case, the more their immigration attorney can do for them, the smoother the immigration process overall. For this reason, posting LCAs and managing public access files (PAFs) is one of the things that smaller companies sometimes struggle with and that solo and small immigration law firms

Solo attorneys who use LaborLess handle the LCA posting and PAF process on behalf of their clients, which helps ensure compliance and orderliness, makes their clients happy!

Electronic LCA posting and PAFs are often easier to implement at smaller companies

Large companies with many employees have more stringent and long-standing policies set in place, including policies around legal communications and job openings. For them, at least at times, moving from a paper process to an electronic one, including posting LCA notices and managing PAFs, requires more management sign-off and a coordinated communication effort. Smaller companies can usually adopt an electronic LCA posting and PAF process without much issue because changing their policy, if they have one, about sharing job openings and legal notices, might just need the OK of a founder, or agreement of 1-2 people.

And when it comes to PAFs, small companies don't usually have a set PAF storage process, which means that public access file folders end up living somewhere in a cabinet without much order. Electronic PAFs, therefore, make this process much easier easier.

LaborLess has a "pay-as-you-go" option, which solo practitioners really like

One of the biggest concerns solo and small immigration firms have is cost. LaborLess has a pay-per-LCA posting pricing structure, which means that clients only pay when they use it and thus when they are making money too.

Finally, solo immigration law firms can be onboarded in just 1-2 business days

The firms we signed up lately needed to post LCA notice as soon as possible, and we were able to make that happen by onboarding them within a day. Speed and service are our forte.

Enhance your H-1B client's compliance tools  and processes with LaborLess

Getting solo and small immigration law firms signed up and onboarded with LaborLess can be as quick as 24-48 hours. Which means that you can showcase our tech at an RFP, help an existing customer who needs to post an H-1B ASAP, or otherwise experiment with adding a new layer to your "tech stack" to better support clients.

Check out the LaborLess demo here, and please reach out to us if you have any questions!